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Shiplap Lining Boards
Shiplap lining boards are noted for being joined with an overlapping 'rabbet' joint, creating a gap of 90 degrees angle between them. As the name would suggest, shiplap originated from its usage in ships, owing to their excellent weatherproofing and resistance to the elements of nature. They are excellent for internal wall linings and renovations, making them quite the hit in Melbourne's homes. Avail beautiful and durable shiplap lining boards for your home at the cheapest prices and best quality! 


Architraves are a very common feature in almost every house in Melbourne. It is basically a beam of interior moulding that rests atop two columns. As such, door architrave and window architrave are popular forms that we have in our homes. Our architraves would be an integral part of your house renovations and decorations as they add excellent finishing touches and elegance to any room. Be it internal or external architrave, we supply at the most affordable prices in and around Melbourne whilst maintaining superior quality, standards and quality.


Weatherboards are a type of cladding that is used to cover the walls of your home from the outside to add aesthetic appeal and protection against the elements. Timber weatherboards are renowned for their rustic charm but they were often criticised for being susceptible to insects and fungi. We supply the highest quality of treated weatherboards including colorbond weatherboards in and around Melbourne at the best prices that you can find! 



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