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Supreme Quality Treated Pine Timber that is Highly Resistant to Damage

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Timber, in general, is noted to be extremely durable. But is timber assured to be resistant to damage by various elements of nature? An obvious “no”. Harsh weather conditions, mould, fungi and bugs can deteriorate your timber and cause reasonable damage over the course of time. 

The best option to minimise this damage from the elements of nature and prolong the lifetime of your timber product(s) is to use treated pine timber.

h4 treated pine bunnings

What is treated pine timber?

As the term suggests, treated timber refers to timber that has been treated with various protective chemicals and preservatives. Most commonly, timber is treated by injecting industry-approved insecticides and fungicides into the wood. We ensure that we use pressure treated timber, that is, preservatives forced into the bulk of the wood and not just the surface. As a result, treated pine timber develops a strong resistance towards the harmful elements of nature and becomes more durable. 

This enhanced durability and reliability have made treated timber a widely popular choice in Australia. Staining treated pine can be done to suit your needs and application of the treated pine timber. 

Treated pine timber in Melbourne is used in a wide range of applications that include the following:

At Melbourne Timber Supplies, we ensure that the chemicals used in the treatment process are completely safe and non-toxic, giving you versatile and durable treated pine timber Melbourne products that you just can’t resist!

We have the ideal treated timber product for you!

A renewable resource


Timber is a renewable and recyclable resource that is extremely beautiful and versatile. Furthermore, it is very energy-efficient to convert raw products to usable form and in the manufacturing of products. Ultimately, it is an eco-friendly practice to use timber and treated timber is a wonderful way to prolong its usage.


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