H4 Treated Pine Posts

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H4 Treated Pine Posts Melbourne That Last For Decades

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Treated timber equipped with pressure treatment are widely utilised as treated pine poles in Melbourne. With the addition of protective chemicals, treated pine posts can last for decades while untreated ones, at best, last little over a year. So it is easy to see why treated pine posts is such a big deal in Melbourne. In fact, treated pine posts Bunnings are one of the most common orders that people go for. 

We offer a wide range of pine poles, including the common 99×99 treated pine posts and 100×100 treated pine posts at the best price and quality. In addition, we ensure superior workmanship by undertaking convenient peeling and barking for ideal in-ground usage. 

The main applications of our pine posts Melbourne include:

At Melbourne Timber Supplies, we ensure that the chemicals used in the treatment process are completely safe and non-toxic, giving you versatile and durable treated pine posts Melbourne products that you just can’t resist!

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