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why use Treated Pine for Decking?

Treated Pine is the first choice decking material. If you want to affordably build retaining walls and house framing, go for treated Pine. Before buying decking materials, understand the good and bad of all the choices available. 

Treated pine timber is affordable and abundant in the market. The finished product won’t look as aesthetic as the expensive timbers, but it carries an advantage over composite decking choices and hardwood. 

Pine is resilient, fast-growing, and affordable. It must be treated after milling. As it is softwood, it is not durable in its raw form and is prone to rotting and termite attacks. For decking uses, Pine is chemically treated. These treatment chemicals are not safe for humans, but technology today to treat Pine is safer than the old ways. 

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  • Types of Treatment For Pine Decking 

    The green colour of treated Pine is a result of the treatment process. It is safer to know how the Pine was treated before buying. 

    1. Alkaline Copper and Quaternary: It is a modern and safe method to treat Pine. Its resistance to termites is not as strong as the old method. 
    2. Copper Chrome Arsenic: Although this treatment is legal in Australia, it is not safe for human contact. One of the ingredients, Arsenic, is a poison. Avoid hand to mouth contact after touching CCA treated Pine. It is the old method of treatment. 
    3. Light Organic Solvent Preservative: This method delivers the robustness of copper chrome arsenic (CCA) treatment but without the Arsenic. 

    Note: Always wear face masks when treating Pine, even when employing a safer method. 

    The durability of Treated Pine 

    • H3 treated Pine timber is used in above-ground uses like decking boards. 
    • H4 treated Pine is used in posts and other units. 

    Sustainability of Treated Pine 

    Fortunately, Pine is one of the most sustainable timbers on Earth, but how?

    • Pine grows fast. Almost all the Pine is grown in tree plantations rather than natural forests. 
    • Luckily, Pine has a lifespan as long as hardwoods because of treatment. In terms of replacement, a cut pine tree will regrow when the timber products made from the same tree need changing. 

    The Cons of Treated Pine 

    Treated Pine is the most affordable option, not the best one. There are several disadvantages of treated Pine – 

    • Low Durability – Even after treatment, it is softwood. It is vulnerable to damage by scratches and dents. Hardwood is not. 
    • Not a fireproof timber – Avoid using treated Pine in bushfire prone areas. Always use timbers like Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, and Merbau. They are fire-resistant. 
    • Attractiveness – Although not as naturally coloured as hardwoods, it is available in various stain colours. 
    • Shrinkage – If not properly sealed, the timber will shrink or expand. 
    • Lifespan – It has a lifespan of 15-20 years. Treated Pine is a grade 2 timber. Grade 1 hardwoods last 25-40 years. Ironbark and tallowwood are grade 1. 

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