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Fence Capping

Caps for fence capping are made up of superior quality timber that is treated to ensure at least 20-25 years of service. We add a premium quality finish to the treated pine fence capping, making them ideal for your fence rails.

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Furniture Hardwood

Shiplap lining boards are noted for being joined with an overlapping ‘rabbet’ joint, creating a gap of 90 degrees angle between them. As the name would suggest, shiplap originated from its usage in ships, owing to their excellent weatherproofing and resistance to the elements of nature. They are excellent for internal wall linings and renovations, making them quite the hit in Melbourne’s homes. Avail beautiful and durable shiplap lining boards for your home at the cheapest prices and best quality!

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F17 Structural Wood

F17 structural wood is renowned for having a high strength grade, making it ideal for construction where high structural integrity and high performance is desired, such as framing, flooring and decking. Get it at the best prices from us!

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Hardwood Lining Boards and Cladding Boards

Protect your interior and walls both internally and externally from the elements of the nature by using various varieties including spotted gum lining boards, basic timber lining boards and cedar lining boards in Melbourne at the most competitive prices in the market

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Hardwood Flooring

Melbourne Timber Supply specialises in supplying a diverse range of high quality and low price hardwood flooring, including engineered wood flooring, dark hardwood flooring, black wood flooring and white wood flooring. We offer the promise of durability, beautiful finishing and extra resistant to staining and damage.

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Furniture Timbers

Adorn your indoor and outdoor living space with beautiful designer and custom timber furniture at the cheapest and highest standards in Melbourne. Experience hassle-free delivery of any of our natural timber furniture products, including white and bedroom timber furniture, anywhere in and around Melbourne

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Treated Pine Sleepers

Treated pine sleepers are excellent for outdoor landscaping projects, particularly retaining walls, garden boundaries and even benches and steps. We treat our sleepers to H4, making them suitable for any ground applications. Talk to our experts to learn how treated pine sleepers can fit into your space!

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Fencing Materials

We supply a wide range of fencing materials ideal for your budget and needs, including the highest quality of composite fence panels in and around Melbourne. Talk to our experts to buy fence panels directly from our website! We are the ultimate destination for ‘fencing supplies near me’.

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Garden Sleepers

Browse from our exclusive range of garden timber sleepers with superior edging and custom designs to fit into your garden space. We offer high quality and cheap garden sleepers that would make your garden all the more beautiful!

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