H4 Treated Pine Sleepers melbourne

Highly Versatile and Affordable H4 Treated Pine Sleepers

Improve the Aesthetic and Structural Appeal of Your House with the Cheapest H4 Treated Pine Sleepers Melbourne

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Treated pine sleepers (also popularly known as garden sleepers) are staple timber products used widely to build retainer walls, garden boundaries and typical backyard renovations. Additionally, they are also used in steps and other garden features. 

Like most such applications of pine sleepers, we at Melbourne Timber Supply ensure that the sleepers are treated to H4, the minimum threshold of preservative treatment that protects the timber against decay and attack by insects or fungi. Equally important, our H4 treated pine sleepers are highly durable, reflecting the traditional quality and standards of H4 treated pine Bunnings that Melbourne is acquainted with.

We offer the convenience of letting you choose how your H4 treated pine sleepers undergo treatment, based on whether the sleepers you need are going to come in frequent contact with people or not. 

Lastly, we always strive to supply the most affordable and high quality of H4 sleepers Melbourne that seamlessly integrate with your timber needs, adding a wholesome dash of aesthetics and durability to your home!

At Melbourne Timber Supplies, we ensure that the chemicals used in the treatment process are completely safe and non-toxic, giving you versatile and durable treated pine timber Melbourne products that you just can’t resist!

Highly Convenient H4 Treated Pine Sleepers for a variety of applications!


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