Treated Pine Melbourne

The structural pine timber is not naturally resistant to fungus, termites, and weather-related damage. When we paint the timber with preservative chemicals, it becomes treated pine timber. Such wood becomes resistant to long-term decay imposed by insects and other deteriorating elements. 

The treatment of pine timber should depend on climatic conditions. For example, when we treat pine with H3, it will be more suitable for a dry climate than a humid one. The treatment chemicals include insecticides and fungicides. 

Preservatives used to treat timber in Australia 

  • Waterborne preservatives – CCA, ACQ, and CuAz
  • Light organic solvent-borne preservatives (LOSPs)

To ensure the safety of wood products, Australian standards impose regulations. CCA-treated pine timber should not be used where children can come in hand-to-mouth contact with the wood. Its ingredients contain copper, chromium, and arsenic (which is a poison). 

CCA-treated pine timbers are banned in making park benches, garden furniture, decking, picnic tables, children’s playing equipment, and handrails. 

When cutting pine timbers, follow the same precautions to handle treated timber, i.e. eye protection gear and dust masks. 

Timbers change appearances when exposed to the weather. A protective finish is needed to prevent the change mentioned above. You can paint treated pine with either water-based or oil-based paints. 

The treated pine’s visual life depends entirely on its maintenance by the owner. 

Best Treated pine suppliers in Melbourne 

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