Treated Pine Melbourne

Treated Pine Melbourne

Wooden architectures and furniture are quite common in Australia. Mainly because of the natural and authentic look, they add to your house. Wood can be used for building frameworks and structural supports and furniture.

But the type of wood used outside the house differs from what is used for designing furniture. Wooden decking boards and stair treads that are used outside the house come in frequent contact with moisture and soil.

These factors facilitate the process of decay and infestation by termites and fungus. To make them resistant to these factors Melbourne timber supplies administers the best chemical treatment.

H3 and H4 treated pines are the most durable and high-quality treated pine in our inventory. But our treated pine products also include decking boards and sleepers.

Treated pines

The design and milling of wood depend primarily on the purpose it will serve. Pines milled for furniture are of different quality and strength compared to ones that are used for battens and boards.

Similarly, wood meant for interior and exterior purposes are crafted differently. Woods for decoration and furniture are cleaned regularly and have lower chances of termite and fungus infestation.

But woods for exterior purposes like decking and stair treads have constant exposure to environmental elements, moisture and insects. Hence their rate of decay is higher. To prevent that, we at Melbourne Timber Supplies treat them with preservatives and insecticides.

Our pines are H4 and H3 treated to make them resistant to termites and fungus. High-grade pine wood are used to ensure quality and durability. And we ensure that every timber we provide is safe and best in class.

The treated pines we provide are available in:

  • 70×35
  • 70×45
  • 90×35
  • 90×45

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