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Hardwood lining boards 

Hardwood lining boards have two applications – ceiling lining and feature wall. They bring an elegant finish to the architecture. It is used in homes, commercial places, and musical conservatoriums. 

Australian hardwood lining boards are available in Tasmanian OakVic Ash Timber, and Blackbutt at Melbourne Timber Supplies. We offer the best quality timber and affordable rates in Australia.  

Hardwood floorboards 

Hardwood flooring is used as either aesthetic or structural flooring. Hardwood planks are milled from timbers like Tasmanian oak, Vic ash, Blackbutt, and spotted gums. Initially, solid hardwood floors were used to support building beams known as joists. As concrete became the prime construction material, the aesthetic use of hardwood floorboards became more popular. Hardwood flooring boards are the most durable and have a long life span. They deliver a stylish look on a residential or commercial floor. 

Hardwood Architraves 

The door, ceiling, and window frames are called architraves. They are an essential part of interior aesthetics and structural integrity. You can either choose sleek or ornate architraves. We offer hardwood architraves at attractive pricing. 

You can paint the architraves, stain them, and oil them as per your aesthetic requirements. Using the same architraves in the entire property is recommended for new construction or renovation. 


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