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At Melbourne Timber Supplies, we understand how important doors are to you. After all, they give off the first impression about how beautiful and elegant your house is going to be and as such, there is absolutely no room for error. We have been a leading supplier of door furniture, accessories and hardware in Melbourne for the last 3 years. We supply the highest quality of door furniture that is beautifully crafted by expert workmanship, durable and customised to fit your needs. Our range includes external front doors, double exterior doors and external sliding doors. We also supply much-needed door accessories, fixtures, and hardware that ensure that you have a complete door for yourself!

The superior standards of our products by Melbourne Timber Supplies have earned us the reputation of being the go-to destination for all your door furniture needs. On top of all, our door furniture and accessories come with the best prices in Melbourne. Rest assured, we supply only the most renowned door furniture and accessories to you!

External Doors

The external entrance door forms the first (and often, the best) impression on your visitors. Needless to say, a stylishly crafted entrance door is what anyone would expect to have in their homes. However, it is important to understand that external doors are not limited to just your home’s entrance doors. Rather, it also includes external doors to your garage, boathouse, backyard or storage rooms. 

It is equally important to understand that your external doors are continuously exposed to the elements of nature. As such, we ensure that your doors boast of style as well as substance. We supply doors that are made up of high quality treated timber, ensuring protection for your external doors always. Talk to our experts and find your ideal external door from our range at the best prices!

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Internal Doors

Internal doors, as the term suggests, are used for internal applications within the household or commercial establishment. While internal doors may not have the level of exposure that external doors do, the design intricacies are much higher. This is due to the fact that the design for internal doors depend on the overall design of the adjoining rooms, space availability and constraints, and consideration of important parameters such as noise control, privacy, heating and cooling. We supply a diverse range of internal doors including interior French doors, hinged timber doors, internal bifold doors, internal doors with glass, internal sliding doors and internal bifold doors.

Our experts will guide you through to the ideal internal door that suits your home interiors. 

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French Timber Doors:

Extremely popular in both modern and traditional homes, French timber doors are basically hinged doors fixed to one or more side door panels. They are made with strong frames and glass panels, thereby offering a good view. French doors are also referred to as French windows and are a true testament of style and class in any household. 

Sliding Timber Doors

Sliding timber doors have a widespread prominence all over Melbourne. They are ideal when your room has space constraints and does not provide enough space for a swinging door. The design for sliding doors involves a special door framing courtesy of which the door can slide along a rack fixed within this frame. They are not typically employed as the main entrance door and are usually used between indoor and outdoor areas as they have glass panels which provide an amazing view and provision for light. 

Find out which timber door is the best for your home!

Door furniture and Special Door Accessories

Our range of timber doors is not limited to internal and external doors alone! We also supply door furniture and special door accessories such as cupboard doors, kitchen cabinet handles, cabinet door handles, wardrobe handles, cupboard door handles and cupboard hinges! Embrace various doors in your household with our super affordable and customised range of products. 



Hume Entrance Doors

We supply the quality and convenience of Hume entrance doors at Melbourne Timber Supply. We strive to pay homage to the exceptional standards of Hume entrance doors by supplying them at the best combination of low price and high quality to our customers in and around Melbourne. Our range of Hume door products include  both entrance doors and internal doors. We also offer Home Savoy XS26, Hume Savoy XS24 and Hume linear entrance doors to suit every house.


Treated Pine Timber

We supply high quality treated pine timber products that are injected with hazard-free and non-toxic protective chemicals such as insecticides and fungicides that safeguard your products from damage, decay, mould and insects. Our wide range of treated pine timber products come in all dimensions including the 90x45 treated pine, 190x45 treated pine and 140x45 treated pine timbers. In addition, we ensure that our pine timbers are graded to MGP 10 in order to give the best performance. Talk to our experts to decide the size best suited for your needs.

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