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A versatile timber is an essential material for housing construction. It is durable timber with insect-resistant properties. It’s native to Australia and was used by aboriginals as medicine and to make tools. Cypress pine is primarily grown in Queensland and Southwestern New South Wale. The Australian Government supervises these forests’ cultivation, harvest, and renewal. 

Cypress pine is a softwood making it ideal for the commercial construction industry. Remarkably, it has properties like hardwood with durability equal to Victoria ash hardwood. Cypress pine is different from treated pine; it has aromatic resins, which prevent the timber from decay, termites, and weather. It is best for ground application and has 15- 25 years of life expectancy. 

Cypress Pine is an extremely durable variety of softwood timber in Australia. They are premium products ideal for indoor and outdoor applications households such as:

  • Verandahs
  • Pergolas
  • Gate posts
  • Fencing posts
  • Gazebos

Cypress is tremendously popular in VIC and finds widespread usage owing to its distinctive knots and beautifully coloured sapwood and heartwood. The creamy white sapwood conceals the heartwood, which ranges in colour from orange to light brown. Apart from their aesthetics, it is also known to be quite durable. As such, cypress pine posts are a huge favourite in Melbourne. 

The texture of this wood is even and fine, with knots in the heartwood and straight grain. The heartwood is multi-coloured brown, and the sapwood is white. Contrary to other sapwood timbers, it has an oily touch, not sticky. It has been rated S5 for green strength and S6 for seasoned wood in accordance with AS/NZ 2878.


Cypress can be shaped by both hand and machine tools with ease. It is easy to work with because it glues firmly and accepts finishes. Freshly harvested timber is used for woodturning which has a lot of moisture. We can slow the drying process by painting the timber right away. Fine cracks on these woods are the signs of drying. 

The cypress pine also accepts paints, stains, and sealants when green. Unsealed timber retains its durability. 

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Cypress Pine Melbourne

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