Structural F7/MGP10 H3 CCA/ LOSP Treated Pine

70×35 (Length: 2.4-6.0M) 70×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M) 90×35 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)
90×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M) 140×35 (Length: 2.4-6.0M) 140×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)
190×35 (Length: 2.4-6.0M) 190×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M) 240×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)
290×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does F7 stand for in timber?

    F7 refers to a stress grade allocated to a timber, based on a machine stress grading system. F7 means the timber has a bending stress-bearing capability of 7 MPa.

  • Can F7 timber be used outside?

    Our F7 timbers are treated to make them water and rot-resistant. So they can be comfortably used outside.

  • Is LOSP-treated timber safe?

    LOSP-treated pines can give off toxic fumes for a few months after treatment and can cause illness among sensitive individuals. So, it is recommended to store LOSP-treated pines in a well-ventilated and well-covered condition.

  • What is stronger F7 or MGP10?

    MGP10 is better in terms of stiffness but in comparison to F7, they have a lower strength grade.

  • What does LOSP mean in timber?

    LOSP stands for LIght Organic Solvent Preservative and is used as a waterproofing chemical in timber treatment.

  • What sizes does LOSP timber come in?

    Melbourne Timber Supplies offers LOSP-treated pines in sizes of

    70×35 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)70×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)90×35 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)
    90×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)140×35 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)140×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)
    190×35 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)190×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)240×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)
    290×45 (Length: 2.4-6.0M)


Untreated pine timber is always at a risk of damage by fungus and termites. These forces can drastically decrease the life of your wood. To protect them from decay imposed by insects and fungus they are often treated with preservatives. We at Melbourne Timber, offer pine timber that is treated with chemical preservatives to prevent damage and decay. Our F7 range of wood undergoes H3 treatment for this purpose. The chemicals that are used in F7 H3 treated pine are insecticides and fungicides. There are different types of treatment processes for protecting the quality of wood. To enhance the longevity of our timber we apply H3 and H4 treatments. The H in this label stands for Hazard. These processes are specifically designed to prevent termite and fungal activities in wood. According to the purpose of the wood, the type of chemical used changes. The better and more robust the process is, the higher will be the level. This level is denoted by the number. The higher the level the better durability the woods will serve. The H3 and H4 levels of treatment offer the highest durability. The preservative chemicals that are used in our F7 treatment process are:
  • CCA: CCA is a water-based preservative. It contains copper chromium and arsenic. This chemical is a high-quality preservative that has been used to prevent insect and fungal attacks for over 80 years. CCA-treated pine are great for external use. Our H3 CCA timber pine can be used for above-ground purposes.
  • LOSP: It is a combination of chemical preservatives used to prevent termite and fungal decay. The main advantage of applying LOSP is that it does not cause warping or shrinking of the wood. Thus, the original dimensions of the wood are conserved throughout and after the installation.
According to Australian regulations, wood treated with CCA must not be used for equipment like park benches and garden furniture. Children come in hand-to-mouth contact with these. The ingredients of CCA are poisonous and hence, must not come in contact with children. Our treated pines are of MGP10 grade. High-quality MGP10 treated timber is great for light commercial and residential domestic applications. Frameworks for walls and roofs can be effectively built with these. Our H3 CCA and LOSP treated timber to make the wood most suited for above-ground purposes. Water-resistant and termite protected, these woods can be used in areas that are exposed to periodic wetting.   Melbourne Timber offers high-quality treated pine Melbourne timber suppliers provide a diverse choice of pine timbers that have received exceptional handling and treatment. F5 H3 CCA treated pines, H4 treated pines, structural f7/MGP10 H3 CCA/LOSP treated pine, decking, and stair treads are among our top treated pine products. Our F7 timber, when treated with appropriate preservatives, ensures long-term service. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction with a cost-effective approach and prompt delivery. Buying our F7 MGP10 treated Pine will provide you with the most value for your money.


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