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Wooden frames are the current trend. Their natural look and fine finish bring your room to life. Most Australian houses are using wooden lining boards to beautify their house. The advantage of a wooden lining board is that it is cheap but provides good structural support for your house. However, if you want surety in your frame’s strength you must use good quality wood. Timber lining boards are an excellent choice for your walls and ceilings. Made from high-quality pine, the lining boards offer a uniform and smooth appearance. Milled with precision our solid pine lining boards are the best in class and are consistent in quality. These are great for lining your ceilings and interior walls. Our personal experience says that these will look great if you are planning for a traditional music room. The pine timber is untreated because it is for interior purposes. Treating them with preservatives can be harmful to your health. We consider every legal and ethical compliance. Our timber procurement process completely complies with the Australian standards. Since these are made from non-treated pine, it is advised to dust and clean them regularly to prevent quality deterioration. With minimum maintenance, our pine lining boards can serve you for a lifetime. Get the best quality pine lining boards from Melbourne timber Melbourne timber suppliers offer products made from high-quality wood. We ensure our clients get the best value out of our products. Non-treated pine boards and bunnings are specially meant for interior purposes. Our most popular non-treated pines products include pine lining boards, flooring boards, pine battens and non-structural pines. Dimensions:
  • 140x12mm 4.8m


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We offer Delivery across Australia. Every order is delivered within 24 hours from order confirmation in Melbourne. Partnering with logistics companies, we also supply products outside Melbourne.

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Our wood is procured from sustainable plantations and forests in Australia. Every product we offer is 100% wooden, milled from high-grade and quality timber.


We provide complete support in purchasing and delivering wood and wood products. You can place your order through simple text. Free advice is offered by some of Australia’s best timber experts. Our team is ready to assist you.

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At Melbourne Timber Supplies, we value the quality of a product more; hence, we use the highest-grade wood for manufacturing every product. The procurement process follows every guideline and Australian standards. Following every Australian standard and procedure, every wood we procure comes from sustainable plantations and forests. To maintain consistency in quality, every lumber is milled with high precision and expertise.

From treated pine to non-treated pine to different types of hardwood, we offer a plethora of options.

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With over three years of experience, Melbourne Timber has been the leading supplier and manufacturer of wood and wooden products in Melbourne. Providing orders in and around Melbourne, we aim to offer our clients the best quality wood products at the most affordable rate. We appreciate the vintage elegance of the wood. We provide wooden boards and frameworks at a very reasonable price to make wooden constructions more popular in Australia. Striving to become the premier timber supplier in Australia, we ensure to maintain the quality of every product and service we offer.

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