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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is particle board good for flooring?

    Particle boards are a great material for constructing floorboards. They are lightweight and made from wood scraps. This makes them environment-friendly as well. Particle floorboards can also bear significant weight and have high resistance to bending forces.

  • Is particle board flooring waterproof?

    No, particle floorboards are not waterproof.

  • Can you paint particle board flooring?

    Yes, you can apply oil paints to change the texture of particle board flooring.

  • How to waterproof particle board flooring?

    The best way to waterproof your particle board flooring is by sealing the surface with polyurethane varnish or waterproof paint.

  • How to clean particle board flooring?

    First clean the surface by sweeping off the dirt and dust

    Mix 1 part bleach with 3 part water in a clean bucket

    Wash the surface with the water. The bleach with disinfect as well as remove the dirt stuck to the surface.

    After some time clean the floor dry with a clena cloth

  • What is particle board good for?

    Particle boards are an excellent choice for making flat-pack furniture and work surfaces. Their ubiquitous nature makes them good for walls and floorboards as well.

  • How do you seal particle board flooring?

    You can use polyurethane varnish or acrylic sealant to seal your particle board flooring.

  • Can I install vinyl plank flooring over particle board?

    Vinyl planks can be placed over particle boards, but before placing the planks ensure that your particle boards have been properly sealed.

    Which is better particle board or plywood?


Particle board flooring boards are manufactured by glueing together small wood particles. These are tongue-shaped flooring boards formed into sheets using lumber scraps. 

Sub and suspended floors are often exposed to the risk of rotting due to moisture. But with particle boards, you can solve this problem.

Moreover, they are the most cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly. Being created from scraps of wood products, they are recycled products. The light weight allows it to serve a variety of purposes.

At Melbourne Timber, we offer Yellow tongue and Red tongue particle board flooring. These are two different types of wood flooring sheets that provide environmental protection to the main flooring. Composed of high-density particle boards these are perfect for quality at an affordable price.

The main advantage of particle board flooring is the durability and insect resistance it provides.

At Melbourne Timber, you will get high-quality particle board flooring sheets at an extremely affordable price.


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