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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How deep is a stair tread?

    Always ensure that your stair tread must be at least 10 to 11 inches.

  • How to fix stair treads?

    Stair treads can get damaged in multiple ways. Repairing them will depend on the type of damage it has undergone.

    • If you have a loose baluster you can simply tighten the screws to repair it
    • If you have a broken baluster you can easily re-glue the two parts
    • In case you are unable to glue them up, you would have to replace it with a new one
    • If you have loose posts or rails, tighten them with screws.
  • How to install stair treads?

    Easy steps to install stair treads

    • Perform a quick safety check for your stairs
    • Paint your stairs and determine the size of your stair treads
    • Cut the stair treads accordingly
    • Install your stair treads and nail them tightly
  • How big is a stair tread?

    On average, most stair treads range from 8 to 10 inches in size.


When constructed with high-quality materials, wooden stairs look fantastic. However, being exposed to the outdoors causes it to degrade quickly. As a result, we recommend using high-density wood for stair construction.

The quality of the timber also determines the durability of the stair treads. The type of wood used in the construction is the most prominent determining factor.

Melbourne Timber provides the highest quality hardwood for the construction of stair treads. These stair treads are well-suited for any function, whether for your front porch or internal use.

Our milled-hardwood stair treads are consistent in quality and offer long-lasting service. Minimal maintenance can ensure a durable service for the stairs.

One of the main reasons for using hardwood for making stair treads is the amount of external damage it receives. Whether used inside the house or in front of your porch, these are constantly exposed to multiple factors.

If placed outside, weather and other natural elements like dust and debris can degrade the quality of the wood. Moreover, fungal and insect activities can facilitate the decomposition process.

This makes hardwood the best option for stair treads to prevent all these and guarantee its integrity. The durability, grain and density of hardwood are the highest among all wood types. Woods like Tas Oak are also great for decorative design.

In Melbourne Timber, the stair treads are made from Tas Oak, Vic Ash, Blackbutt and spotted gum. These are high-quality hardwood that has significant durability and resilience. These also feature insect resistance which is an additional perk.

The risk of damage from UV radiation, weather, warping, shrinkage and expansion is almost nil in these timbers. Hence these are the most preferred for external use.

We are Melbourne’s most trusted timber supplier.

Melbourne Timber is Melbourne’s most reliable and efficient timber supplier. Offering a wide range of wood and wood products, we meet every Australian standard through our milling and procurement systems.

Our customers are our primary priority. Thus we make sure that our product satisfies all of your requirements.

In the hardwood industry, we excel in the procurement and crafting of hardwood products. The timber used is the best in the market and is derived from the most robust trees in Australia.

Wood from Vic ash, Tas oak, spotted gum, Ironbark and blackbutt are used to make the stair treads. In terms of quality, these are durable and versatile. You can use it for interior decorating or add a beautiful front yard stairway to your abode. These hardwood stair treads will satisfy all of your requirements.

Do you wish to renovate your home with high-quality but low-cost construction materials? Get a free quote from Melbourne Timber online today.


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