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Victorian Ash is the tallest hardwood on the planet. It is found in Victoria state in Australia. Two hardwood species, Alpine Ash & Mountain Ash, are traded under the same name, “Victorian Ash.”

Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash should not be mistaken as the same. This hardwood is exported from Victoria and Tasmania to the rest of Australia.

It is available in three textures – with Straight grain (mostly), fiddleback markings, and gum veins. While drying, the VIC ash hardwood can collapse, so it must be handled with care.

These wood logs are quarter-cut to achieve dimensional stability. The timber is steam-dried to fix defects; it’s standard practice. VIC ash wood has average above-ground durability. It can be used in general construction, such as F17 structural framing. Its even colouring makes it a valuable material for interior construction such as flooring, moulding, staircases, handrails, benchtops, cupboards, panelling, and more.

Vic ash timber is the raw material for plywood, paper, crates, and boxes. The Victorian Ash timber has a fast growth rate and resistance to insects. The wood is easy to shape, which results in a beautiful finish. The millers produce two size variants – 38 & 50mm thick and 19 & 25mm thick. The thinner size is used as raw material for furniture, flooringlining, and small moulding. The thicker size is used in structural materials, doors, windows, stairs, and furniture.

Even though Vic ash wood is not the most durable, it has resistance to insect attack. The life span of Vic ash is between 7 to 15 years.


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