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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hardwood Brace Ply?

    Hardwood Brace Ply is a high-performance plywood made with imported hardwood veneers and A-bond glue, ideal for demanding exterior applications.

  • How does Hardwood Brace Ply resist warping and shrinking?

    Unlike regular plywood, its cross-ply construction and moisture-resistant glue enhance dimensional stability, minimising warping and shrinking.

  • What are the typical uses of Hardwood Brace Ply?

    From stiffening walls and supporting roofs to reinforcing lintels and building shear walls, the strength and stability of Hardwood Brace Ply make it versatile for various construction projects.

  • Is Hardwood Brace Ply easy to work with?

    While similar to regular plywood in cutting and drilling, it requires sturdier fasteners due to its higher density.

  • What sizes are available for Hardwood Brace Ply?

    Standard sizes like 4' x 8' and 8' x 4' are standard, but some suppliers offer custom sizes to fit your project's needs perfectly.

  • Is Hardwood Brace Ply expensive?

    While slightly higher in cost than regular plywood, Hardwood Brace Ply's superior strength, stability, and long lifespan often translate to savings in the long run. Invest in quality, and build with confidence!


Plywood Bracing is manufactured using an imported hardwood product and constructed with an A bond glue line making it suitable for exterior applications.

Face Grade: C Front / C Back
Bond: A-Bond (Exterior)
Standard: AS/NZS 2269
Structural Rating: F22
Applications: Manufactured especially for the structural bracing of houses, specifically wall and roof bracing.


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