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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What timber is used for door frames?

    At Melbourne Timber Supplies we provide door frames made out of high-grade hardwood.

  • Which wood is best for the main door frame?

    Tas Oak hardwood is the best wood for main door frames due to its versatility and ease of crafting.

  • What are the different types of door frames?

    Mainly there are two types of door frames: external and internal.

  • What width is a standard door frame?

    Usually, standard door frames are 2 inches in width


Doors are essential for the security of a house. A sturdy door will ensure that your house is free from unwanted guests. So having your door made from good quality material is a must.

While there are multiple options for material to make doors the most affordable option is wood. But being cheaper does not mean low quality.

Door frames are as important as doors. Just like without a proper framework a building cannot stand a door or a window needs a strong frame to make it sturdy. Hence, it is also important for the frames to be as durable.

At Melbourne timber you will find the best quality doors and door frames made from hardwood and treated pine. Procured with expertise and following every Australian standards our products are sure to meet your demands.

Whether in terms of strength or design, our hardwood doors and doorframes are the best in the market.

We supply the widest range of Timber Doors in and around Melbourne with the best combination of low price and high quality backed with unmatched workmanship

Open the door to supreme quality, affordability and the classiest designs in Melbourne!

Let not a better price pass by you!

At Melbourne Timber Supplies, we understand how important doors are to you. After all, they give off the first impression about how beautiful and elegant your house is going to be and as such, there is absolutely no room for error. We have been a leading supplier of door furniture, accessories and hardware in Melbourne for the last 3 years. We supply the highest quality of door furniture that is beautifully crafted by expert workmanship, durable and customised to fit your needs. Our range includes external front doors, double exterior doors and external sliding doors. We also supply much-needed door accessories, fixtures, and hardware that ensure that you have a complete door for yourself!

The superior standards of our products by Melbourne Timber Supplies have earned us the reputation of being the go-to destination for all your door furniture needs. On top of all, our door furniture and accessories come with the best prices in Melbourne. Rest assured, we supply only the most renowned door furniture and accessories to you!

External Doors

The external entrance door forms the first (and often, the best) impression on your visitors. Needless to say, a stylishly crafted entrance door is what anyone would expect to have in their homes. However, it is important to understand that external doors are not limited to just your home’s entrance doors. Rather, it also includes external doors to your garage, boathouse, backyard or storage rooms. 

It is equally important to understand that your external doors are continuously exposed to the elements of nature. As such, we ensure that your doors boast of style as well as substance. We supply doors that are made up of high quality treated timber, ensuring protection for your external doors always. Talk to our experts and find your ideal external door from our range at the best prices!

timber External doors frame
internal door frame

Internal Doors

Internal doors, as the term suggests, are used for internal applications within the household or commercial establishment. While internal doors may not have the level of exposure that external doors do, the design intricacies are much higher. This is due to the fact that the design for internal doors depend on the overall design of the adjoining rooms, space availability and constraints, and consideration of important parameters such as noise control, privacy, heating and cooling. We supply a diverse range of internal doors including interior French doors, hinged timber doors, internal bifold doors, internal doors with glass, internal sliding doors and internal bifold doors.

Our experts will guide you through to the ideal internal door that suits your home interiors. 


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Our wood is procured from sustainable plantations and forests in Australia. Every product we offer is 100% wooden, milled from high-grade and quality timber.


We provide complete support in purchasing and delivering wood and wood products. You can place your order through simple text. Free advice is offered by some of Australia’s best timber experts. Our team is ready to assist you.

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At Melbourne Timber Supplies, we value the quality of a product more; hence, we use the highest-grade wood for manufacturing every product. The procurement process follows every guideline and Australian standards. Following every Australian standard and procedure, every wood we procure comes from sustainable plantations and forests. To maintain consistency in quality, every lumber is milled with high precision and expertise.

From treated pine to non-treated pine to different types of hardwood, we offer a plethora of options.

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With over three years of experience, Melbourne Timber has been the leading supplier and manufacturer of wood and wooden products in Melbourne. Providing orders in and around Melbourne, we aim to offer our clients the best quality wood products at the most affordable rate. We appreciate the vintage elegance of the wood. We provide wooden boards and frameworks at a very reasonable price to make wooden constructions more popular in Australia. Striving to become the premier timber supplier in Australia, we ensure to maintain the quality of every product and service we offer.

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