MGP 10 Framing Timber

Strong and Affordable 70×35 MGP 10 Framing Timber

Add Strength and Durability to your Structures with the Best MGP 10 Framing Timber Melbourne

Let not a better price pass by you!

When it comes to timber, strength and durability are two of the biggest takeaways for various structural applications. In fact, these two factors are put on high priority in nearly every pine structural MGP 10 Bunnings order(s). 

An MGP 10 framing timber is ideal for both interior and exterior usage. The reliability associated with framing timber is achieved through accurate gauging at Melbourne Timber Supplies, which ensures a thoroughly smooth surface to accurate dimensions. This improves workability and leads to some beautiful and durable structures in and out of your house. 

Our timber is mechanically graded and tested in order to ensure that our MGP 10 framing timber meets the highest standards of strength and durability in Melbourne. With judiciously graded stress levels that result in optimal performance and excellent finishing, you can always bank on our MGP 10 framing timber for your needs!

What sets our products apart from the rest is our unmatched combination of low price and high quality that resonates with your requirements and budget, always! We have Melbourne’s finest framing timber waiting exclusively for you!

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Power up your indoors and outdoors with the strength of MGP 10 framing timber!


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