Why are Treated Pine Timber Products So Widely Used in Melbourne?

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Melbourne is in love with treated pine timber. A leading timber suppliers company in Melbourne shows you why!

We have all heard of timber as being the premier choice for furniture and wooden structures in your living space. 

While this is essentially true, timber has its own shelf life as it’s prone to rotting and eventual degradation. Look, by no means are we devaluing timber. It is undoubtedly better than other options for wood. It is an established fact that there is nothing more ravishing than timber when it comes to construction materials. 

But what if we told you there is something even better? 

Introducing… treated timber. 

What is Treated Timber?

Even the best of wood is susceptible to termites and the elements such as moisture, heat, mould and fungi. However, do you know that timber can be protected from all these?

Yes, you read that right!

Treated timber is timber that is impregnated with protective chemicals and preservatives in order to safeguard it from the above-stated factors and prolong its lifetime. 

It is important to understand that wood used in housing construction doesn’t generally need to be treated timber. But in cases where the wood is exposed to the elements or is in contact with the ground, using treated timber is the way to go. Particularly in Melbourne, with its vintage dynamic and unpredictable climate, it is best that one used treated timber for their wooden structures and furniture. 

Why is Timber Treatment so important?

Almost all timber suppliers in Melbourne have treated pine products today and the popularity of this can be attributed to the tremendous range of benefits that this wood offers. 

With treatment of timber, you can expect the following:

Improved lifespan

The use of the protective chemicals and preservatives during the production of the timber leads to a longer lifespan of the wood. This is by virtue of the fact that the treatment of timber with these preservatives and chemicals prevents the rotting of the wood. 

Resistant to insects and fungi infestation

The preservatives used in the treatment of wood are essentially insecticides and fungicides which help in keeping their infestations away. 

Water resistant

Treated timber can be used to build the hull of ships as they resist erosion from seawater

Fire retardant

Some special treated wood is fire retardant. This means that the time for burning increases and the combustion process is slower down. This makes them an excellent option for homes, hotels and restaurants. 


The inherent strength and weather resistant properties of most treated pine timber make them ideal for building gates. 

Common applications of timber suppliers products in Melbourne

Generally, any wooden structure that finds application in damp places or places prone to moisture should ideally be made up of treated timber. This way you can retain the high quality of the timber product and make it last long. 

Typical applications of treated pine timber wood include fence posts, garden benches, windows, bridges, ships, wood in contact with the ground and bricks etc. 

It is important to understand that treated timber is not immune to rot or deterioration. However, the extra protection obtained from the treatment procedures lower the maintenance cost and resources. As such, with minimal maintenance you can have a long-lasting, high-quality and beautiful timber products in your living space! 

What are the benefits of using timber?

Easily available

Timber is a natural material widely used in building projects, home renovations and construction. 

Is safe

Timber is obtained from a natural source and as such, is non-toxic. So even when timber ages, it is not harmful to the environment and can be recycled, thereby reducing your carbon footprint on the planet. 

Very easy to work with

Timber is naturally light and workable. In fact, even hardwood timber is easier to work with when compared to steel


Timber is naturally anti-corrosive, thereby not undergoing corrosion in salt, air, moisture or industrial environments. 

Extremely versatile

Timber is available in various grades and variants that give it a widespread chain of applicability. 

Highly cost-effective

Timber has always been an attractive cost-effective option in comparison to heaps of building and construction materials. 

If you want the best quality of treated timber products at the lowest prices in Melbourne, then look no further than Melbourne Timber Supplies 

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So let’s make your household all the more beautiful with timber in the most affordable way!
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