Which is the best timber for decking

timber for decking

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It goes without saying that building a deck is an excellent means to increase your living space and also improve the worth of your house. While getting these services is simple, there are some very important considerations to be kept in mind before you choose the perfect timber wood for your decking needs. 

This post aims to help you get a thorough understanding of the right timber and the various crucial aspects to know of. By reading this you can rest assured that you would be in a better position to pick the right material or product for your requirements without wasting time and money on something that doesn’t add value to you. 

With that being said, let’s begin this highly informative and useful write-up for homeowners like you! 

What is the location of your deck? 

It is important to understand that your deck would be located outside your house (but within the perimeters of your property). As such, the most important aspect to take note of here is the climatic conditions around you. For instance, heavy rainfall or constant exposure to harsh sunlight can have an adverse effect on your structure and lead to gradual discolouration. As such, you need to ensure that it is placed appropriately in a location where the impact of nature’s elements is minimal, thereby increasing the lifespan and usability of your favourite outdoor spot. 

A note on maintenance

Regardless of the type of material you go ahead with, maintaining it is of utmost importance. If you are wondering how frequently you should be doing it, then once a year would suffice. This will ensure that not only does it look amazing but it also functions without any problems. 

Worried about the cost?

Most people assume that such outdoor additions are expensive. But guess what? It’s not!

While these materials may have various prices, you can rest assured that there are variants that fit within your budget and needs. So no matter how much you are willing to spend, there is something for everyone!

The best materials for outdoor decks

You are now well-acquainted with all the basic considerations that you need to know to become a smart homeowner! With that being said, let’s check out the best materials for your home! 


These are really long-lasting, high on aesthetics and have a very appealing smell. They are known to have a very attractive look that is capable of making any space look all the more amazing. With proper attention and care, this one can serve you for years and years! 

They are ideal for making a dining area outside or even for garden applications. 

It is worth noting that they possess a relatively high density and as such, are a little difficult to work around with. However, they are still amazing options for your needs. On that note, hardwoods are prone to damage by the typically harsh climatic conditions in Australia. As such, it is strongly advised to apply a protective layer of finishing on an annual basis. This ensures that they last long and look as good as brand new! 

Treated Pine Timber

No matter how good timber is, it is still susceptible to rotting or damage. In order to safeguard your product against that, it is impregnated with protective chemicals and preservatives. This ensures that it doesn’t rot or get infested with mould or fungi. 

Yes, treated pine timber may not boast the same aesthetics of hardwoods, you can add colours to get the look you expect. However, unlike hardwood, these are reputed to be extremely workable and versatile. Consequently, these are great for easy installation. 

To ensure optimal performance of your product, it is advised to get it oiled on an annual basis. 


As the name suggests, this is made by a mixture of wood fibres and recycled plastic. As such, composite is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional timber. More importantly, several popular variants that you typically get are made to be perfect for the Australian climate. 

It has several looks and each is made to suit your requirement(s). But do note that they can be on the heavier side and as such, would need many people for easy workability. 

Ultimately, these are extremely durable and don’t spoil easily. As such, you don’t need to give it too much maintenance. Simple washing techniques would suffice. 


In this case, timber boards are worked into panels that are really easy and quick to install. In fact, the ease of installation is so good, it can be done even on surfaces that are difficult to deal with. They are typically available in kits that let you assemble the final product effortlessly.  

For taking care of your modular products, annual oiling works.

No matter what your requirements are, we at Melbourne Timber Supplies have the right product for you! 

Even if you are clueless about the perfect one for you, our experts will assist you in that. We are known to offer an unmatched blend of high quality and low price! We ensure that we do not let a better price and quality pass by you!

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