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Timber is one of the most dominantly used and widespread organic products that is used in Australia. Almost every other construction or garden has it, be it in the form of treated pine decking or square posts.

This industry has witnessed major growth over years through advanced treatment procedures leading to better quality. Whether you are someone who knows something about treated pine timber or conversely are a newbie in terms of your knowledge, you’ve come to the right place.

Bunnings, one of the most famous Timber Melbourne companies offers the best-treated pine decking products. This blog here deals with all the information that one needs to have about this Timber suppliers company.

Why Should One Use Treated Pine Decking?

Treatment can better its quality a lot of times. One of the common reasons behind it is that there is increased longevity which makes it more reliable.

In addition to that, these are cost-effective and help one save while providing better performance. The installation costs of treated pine poles in Melbourne is much lesser than that of any other wood.  

They also become resistant to rots and other insects. In addition to providing resistance, these can act as an insecticide as well. These are also versatile as their looks can be modified as per one’s preference. 

Repairing these can be easy too. It is also inexpensive to repair them, which is a plus. 

Treated Pine By Bunnings Timber Suppliers Company 

Bunnings is an established company that believes in legally sourcing quality products. The aim is to have satisfied customers who trust in the services provided by them. They practice efficient forest management to ensure that communities from which the timber is derived remain benefited. In the year 2001, Bunnings decided to adopt a zero-tolerance approach towards illegal logging. 

Bunnings is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) and is dedicated to decreasing consumer packaging’s environmental impact. It is dedicated to decreasing consumer packaging’s environmental impact. Suppliers are expected to follow APC guidelines to guarantee that product packaging design is optimised to reduce both environmental effects and the usage of non-recyclable materials.

Furthermore, all products and shipping/packaging cartons weighing more than 10 kilos must have weight icons affixed in accordance with the weight icon program’s guidelines.

Melbourne Timber – Your Trusted Destination For Bunnings Products

We provide you with everything that is required by you when it comes to your Timber needs. We promise affordability as we offer the cheapest Timber Melbourne. The quality of products provided by us is unmatched and has high standards. Be the requirement be exterior or interior, we have covered it all. Everything will be customised as per your needs and the delivery remains hassle-free and quick. In addition to that, we provide multiple modes of payment to ensure flexibility. 

Our promise to the people to provide the best is one of the reasons why we deal with Bunnings products. We believe you only deserve the best and hence to avail high-quality products, contact us right away!


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