How To Install Wooden Flooring?

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Hardwood flooring is one of the most preferred choices for home improvement as it provides an aesthetic and warm look to your living space. Wooden floorboards are the most durable and sustainable material for sturdy flooring for your house.

Hardwood flooring is available in different textures, colours and styles, and you can choose from a variety of them that suit your home the best.

What Are The Different Types Of Wooden Floors

There are three primary types of flooring based on their material and composition:

Hardwood Floorboards

Hardwood floorboards are purely made of natural wood and are highly durable. These floorboards can be refinished several times and have excellent longevity.

Engineered Floorboards

Engineered floorboards are composed of an upper layer of solid hardwood glued to multiple layers of other woods like plywood. These wooden floorboards are more resistant to water than hardwood and are highly durable.

Laminate Wooden Floor Tiles

Laminate wooden floor tiles are made of synthetic material that gives them a wooden appearance and is later laminated. The most significant benefit of laminate flooring is that it is easy to install.

How To Prepare The Floor Before Installing Wooden Floorboards

You must ensure a list of things before installing wooden floorboards. You need to check for any moisture problems on your floor and check if the concrete floor or wood subfloor is uneven. Uneven floors are flattened out with levelling compounds, hardboard sheets or plywood.

Once you level out your floor, measure the area to know how many floorboards and other materials will be required for installation.

How To Level Wooden Floorboards?

Hardwood floorboards need to be levelled appropriately after getting installed, or it could lead to problems in the future, like cracking and splitting. First, you must remove the existing floor and check its level. Inspect for any high or low spots that may exist and mark them.

Repair the spots by sanding the high spots and replace any old and crooked nails by adding more new screws to fasten the floorboards.

A wooden subfloor can be levelled by adding levelling compounds that help to level the low and high spots evenly and lay the perfect groundwork for new flooring.

How To Lay Wooden Floorboards?

After the floor is levelled out and all the preparations are done, you must decide on the installation method. The installation method would depend on your subfloor and the wood flooring you select. There are mainly three installation methods that are followed:

Glue-Down Installation:

Glue-down or adhesive installation is usually used for engineered wooden floorboards. In this process, the boards are clicked and secured together with glue.

Floating Installation:

This installation method involves attaching or clicking the panels together to block moisture.

Nail-Down Installation:

Nail-down installation includes the tiles being fixed to the floor by nailing them down. This process requires a wooden subfloor for proper installation.

How To Fill Gaps Between Wooden Floorboards?

Varying temperature and humidity can shrink and expand your floorboards, creating gaps between them. You can use a wood filler or wood dust cement to fill the gaps. Wood fillers can expand and contract with your floorboards, so the gaps will also change in size accordingly.

How To Polish Wooden Floorboards?

Clean your hardwood floor with a vacuum and then wipe them with warm water and a cleaning solution to remove them to ensure that it is clean and there is no lingering grime left. After a thorough cleaning, pour some wood polish on the floor and work the solution toward the wood grain’s direction.

Once the floor is completely coated, please wait for it to dry, and leave the area undisturbed for the polish to set in properly.

Best Hardwood Flooring Boards

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