H3 Treated Pine Timber Melbourne Is Perfect For Decking. Here’s Why!

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Get the highest quality of H3 pressure treated pine timber from the top timber suppliers Melbourne has to offer!

Building a deck is one of the most exciting pursuits for any homeowner. Also, it’s undoubtedly one of the most tedious as the material used is critically important. 

To be more specific, the decking material needs to be:

  • Stable
  • Sturdy
  • High structural integrity
  • Durable 

While there are undoubtedly options to choose from, nothing beats high quality treated pine timber Melbourne. It simply goes without saying that the popular pressures treated pine timber in Melbourne is one of the most “on-demand” products from any of the top timber suppliers Australia has to offer! 

With that being said, let us understand the various intricacies of the ever-popular pressure-treated pine Melbourne is so proud of!

Understanding the treated pine timber in Melbourne

Pine, or to be more precise, treated pine timber is one of the most popular and versatile timbers and building materials alike. Treated pine is widely used in household building projects due to it being strong, durable and a natural product. 

Pine is technically a softwood variant and as such, it is usually treated with preservatives and then kiln-dried for extra durability. This process of kiln-drying is necessary for that additional punch of durability. 

Without undergoing the treatment process, non-treated pine timber is brittle and can easily crack when put to usage or exposed to extreme weather conditions. 

What exactly is H3 pressure treated pine Melbourne?

There are numerous classes of preservatives that are impregnated into the bulk of the timber specimen and among these preservatives, the most commonly used variants are H2 and H3. 

The ‘H’ denotes hazard and the number, the level of treatment required. Among these variants, the H3 and H4 are the most durable variants. 

Out of them all, H3 is the best and the most durable option for decks and subframes. 

Using H3 treated pine timber Melbourne

H3 timber is super-effective against damage by insects and provides durability and resistance against decay, termites and fungal attacks. As such, H3 timber products are ideal for above-ground applications and areas where the product is susceptible to frequent exposure to moisture. 

Furthermore, treated pine timber Melbourne is extremely cost-effective, being one of the most affordable and convenient building materials used. Orders for H3 pressure-treated pine are common for timber suppliers in Melbourne. 

This way, the H3 pike timber is ideal for affordable outdoor decking applications. 

Melbourne Timber Supplies: Top Affordable Timber Suppliers in Melbourne

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