6 Undeniable Benefits of Using Treated Pine Posts and Timber Frames for Your Melbourne Home

treated pine posts

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Got a hardwood decking Melbourne task to do? The top timber suppliers in Melbourne are at your service!

There are numerous benefits of building a home with a timber frame and treated pine posts Melbourne. As passionate timber suppliers in Melbourne, we at Melbourne Timber Supplies thought of writing down these many benefits in this blog post of ours. 

Rest assured, the pointers presented in this write-up would surely assist you in your home building, home extension and renovation tasks and decision making processes.

So without any further ado, let’s show you everything you need to know about making the right decisions for your home when it comes to timber. 

Your very own timber home made with hardwood lining boards and the like!

When it comes to building or renovating your own home, there’s none better than timber. Aesthetically pleasing, safe, non-toxic, extremely workable, durable, strong and affordable..  timber has it all! No wonder timber hardwood lining boards such as the f17 structural hardwood Melbourne are so popular! 

And that’s not all! We also supply F7 Cypress posts Melbourne and various lvl beam, e beam Melbourne applications. All of these make for a perfect home made from timber that will last for years and years!

Treated pine posts and Cypress pine posts Melbourne that are ideal for your self-building project

It goes without saying that going for a self-building project is an extremely rewarding experience in all ways. Succeeding in a self-building project is all about choosing the right material and construction methods. And when jr comes to these two parameters, Cypress pine posts and treated pine posts in Melbourne are ideal!

At Melbourne Timber Supplies, we have established an outstanding track record of helping self-builders like you undertake stunning, highly functional, affordable and low energy timber homes. Through our high quality and affordable timber products, you’ll be having the most amazing home building experience for yourself!

And no matter which stage of the building process you are on, our expert team at Melbourne Timber Supplies are always eager to give you helpful advice and assistance. 

Highly affordable timber suppliers Melbourne

At Melbourne Timber Supplies, our mantra is “let not a better price pass by you”. 

As such, we can vouch for the fact that you get the most affordable and high-quality timber suppliers in Melbourne for your timber needs. We offer an unmatched combination of low price and high quality that has established us as the leading timber supplies Melbourne company! 

It is also worth mentioning that we are always completely transparent with our quotes and prices. So you will never have to worry about sudden, unexpected price quotes when you partner with us!

Extremely versatile timber products in Melbourne

Timber is widely speculated to be the oldest building material in the world. And the versatility of timber usage has made it extremely popular. 

Timber is really really workable and can be clad in nearly any building material. So it is left to your imagination to build your timber home the way you want to! 

But hey! Even if you are clueless on how to build with your timber products, then we are more than happy to help!

Build long-lasting homes with the to timber suppliers Melbourne

A properly built home constructed from our  high-quality timber products will last for decades together. Timber, by essence, is a long-lasting building material that helps your structure last for long. With our treated pine timber products, you can expect your timber home to last a lifetime! 

Lead a green and eco-friendly way of life

Timber is an eco-friendly product that requires low energy and reduces your carbon footprint on the environment. So by building or renovating your home with timber products, you are adopting a clean, green and eco-friendly way of life!

Looking for the highest quality of timber products at the most affordable prices in Melbourne, VIC?

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